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July 19, 2015

Day 35: Even the sheep are taking cover!

You know things are getting out of hand when even the sheep are ducking for cover to get out of the rain!
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Today was a LONG day, though we did see some interesting things. We also:

1. Had a flat tire. Well Steph did to be exact. I was riding behind her and BLAMMO, the tire kind of exploded. But she fixed it just fine.

2. We got rained on.

3. We drank tea.

4. We made it to Inverness

5. And we saw all kinds of interesting things! Don't believe me? See for yourself...

I hate it when you can't capture height in picture. This was a pretty little stretch of back roads on high ground overlooking pretty valleys. Well, I tried anyway...
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In 1717 the town of Carbridge decided it was tired of having funerals delayed because of the river flooding and blocking the way. So they built this bridge, which is only wide enough for people and pack horses to amble across.
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Sheep. We saw sheep...
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We made it over a little pass, and the sun even came out for a while!
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Last year when I was riding in the U.S. of A. with Leo he was taking pictures of train trellises. I didn't say anything obvious, like "Why are you taking so many pictures of ordinary train trellises?" and things like that. It's not my way to question things that don't make sense. Except that now it DOES make sense..."This is the last wooden train trellis on a Scottish mainline train," he said. 'In America they are all over," he added. "But they are really rare here." So THAT'S why he took all the pictures. Maybe Leo isn't so foolish after all? But don't tell him I said that.
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This bench was just plain funny!
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We rode by a bike shop of some kind that didn't really have a bike shop, or at least a bike shop that was open...
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...and a corrugated tin church.
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...and this was one of my favorite places. The Clava Cairns, which date back to prehistoric times. I.e. they are really old.
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I sure was happy to make it to Inverness. We got a hotel cause none of us had any enthusiasm for setting up rain soaked gear.

Tomorrow we are taking a rest day and a train to Kyle of Lochalsh

Until then...

Today's ride: 61 miles (98 km)
Total: 1,464 miles (2,356 km)

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