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June 27, 2015

Day 16: Saying Goodbye


I bid a fond farewell today to terminal 1. I suppose that makes me a part of history? Because its not every day that a terminal at London Heathrow shuts down. Even our pilot talked about it, and workers were leaving the forlorn building with office mementos, looking a bit sad.

Goodbye terminal 1. It was nice to know you.

I also left Spain by the way. So that is two goodbyes in one day.

I arrived in England just in the nick of time because I had to meet Leo and Steph in Milton Keynes and had to get on the train by 4pm or they wouldn't let me on with my bike because no bikes on trains during rush hour. I got to the cavernous emptiness of terminal 1 around 2pm and raced to assemble The Trucker, then hopped on The Heathrow Express To Paddington station. After that it was about 3 miles on the bike to Euston station through the city streets of London near rush hour. I thought I would save time by asking which side of the Paddington station I should exit...

"There is only one way out 'uv here," said the guy I asked inside the station like I am some kind of moron. "How else would you get out? Go over there," he said pointing with a look of disgust.

Hmm? I am not sure if its good or bad that I can now understand the language of the country I am riding in?

Anyway, I did the logical thing, I went out through the "only exit doors" he pointed to.

Once in traffic I pointed towards Euston with Garmin a blaze. I rode like hell, in traffic, on side walks, on the left side of the road, because thats how they do it here, if you weren't aware. I looked in every direction so I didn't get slammed by a double decker bus or taxi approaching from an unexpected direction, in the bus/taxi lanes, weaving through people... It was really rather exciting and fun, though I'm sure all who love and care about me would have been horrified, had you know. Still, I made it, and JUST in time.

I was sold a ticket on a 5pm, or something, train but the ticket had no time and when I asked a woman at the info desk she said, just get on the train that leaves in 6 minutes, track 18, so thats what I did. It was an express train and arrived shortly after the train that Leo and Steph arrived on. Perfect.

We set off to rode a few miles to a hostel and then for a pint, which went right to my head because I had barely eaten all day. Although, I did get a little meal on the 1.5 hour British Airways flight. A tiny pastrami sandwich and a small bun with enough sugary icing to bring someone out of a diabetic coma. Still, it was a meal on a plane so I aint gunna complain. When was the last time YOU had a meal on a short haul plane?

The weather was beautiful in England today and I am hoping for more of the same.

Tomorrow we tour Bletchly Park. I have been looking forward to that for a long time!

The Trucker in Bilbao. Packed and ready for her flight to London.
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Look, a meal on a short flight!? Holy crap!
I ate the little sandwich before I thought of the picture. I picked off the icing, if you care.
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Over the coast of France as we flew north.
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You may recognize this river from my "France on a Roll" journal. It's the Loire.
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England looks much different than France don't you think?
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Saying goodbye to Terminal 1. So long Terminal 1. You were a GREAT terminal and we will miss you
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Today's ride: 12 miles (19 km)
Total: 486 miles (782 km)

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