Six Wheels Through Japan Part 2 - CycleBlaze

Six Wheels Through Japan Part 2

...exploring subtropical Kyushu, Shikoku and Okinawa

By Barry Bartlett & Mary Ellen Bartlett
1,473 km (915 miles) over 54 days since Oct. 19, 2023
We are heading back to Japan heart 6
Change of plan heart 5
We are off…a ferry, hotel & two planes heart 19
On to Japan..via a ferry, taxi, hotel and 2 planes heart 21
Osaka via Tokyo overnight, sort of… heart 21
Jet lagged and happy in Osaka heart 36
A ride around Osaka with a visit to our friend Yoshi at his Bike Shop heart 63
History museum and the castle heart 57
Farewell Osaka…on to Shikoku heart 46
First day on Shikoku heart 55
Embarking on a world class cycle route - Shimamani Kaido heart 63
Another day riding the Shimanami Kaido and Camping heart 95
Onomichi heart 52
Shimanami Kaido, Onomichi to Imabari in a day heart 57
A bonus day in Imabari heart 67
Fight a bug on the hottest day heart 114
No blue lines on the road today…a rough ride to ShikokuChuo heart 66
The best laid plans…. heart 12
Hills and Rain through Beautiful Scenery heart 98
What a difference a day makes 🎶 heart 44
Heading to the coast…Ebisu Bay heart 69
Awakening to the sounds of the sea heart 87
Shishikui - a lovely house by the sea for a few nights heart 43
Pilgrims and Surfers- a Spectacular Ride on the South Coast heart 142
Muroto to Kochi - a long day of riding heart 118
Kochi…amazing Castle - we need another night heart 86
Kochi to Logos Seaside..Camping Wild heart 60
Camping wild to Minshuku Fukiya heart 98
Minshuku Fukiya to Ryokan Mima heart 108
Riding the Shimanto River ~ Japan’s longest uncontrolled river heart 67
A Cold, Fiercely Windy Day heart 59
Riding to Yawatahama…..ferry to Beppu heart 66
A few days in Beppu heart 112
Staying in Hell heart 72
Exploring Hell and Beyond heart 36
Heading west across Kyushu heart 23
From a Fabulous Campsite to a Grotty Inn heart 37
Riding to Mt. Aso and beyond… heart 27
Exploring Mt. Aso heart 33
Exploring Kumamoto heart 8
A Day Exploring Kumamoto Castle heart 21
Heading in the direction of Nagasaki heart 44
From a Love Hotel to Nagasaki heart 38
The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum heart 3
Nagasaki to Obama heart 9
Obama to Amakusa Islands heart 21
A spectacular ride on Shimoshima Island+ heart 16
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Updated within 7 days