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March 31, 2024

Easter in Estremoz

Pedrosillo, Spain - Estremoz, Portugal

Today we reached the end of the car part of our trip. We are in Estremoz, tomorrow we will meet Susan and the day after tomorrow start cycling, at last. 

We see absolutely no signs of Easter. For the sake of simplicity, we are staying in hotels close to our route on highways and not going into towns for the night. Everyone else in these hotels seems to be en route as well, no one is celebrating Easter where we are. 

The day started on a very sober note. It was pouring rain when we woke up but when we looked out the window at breakfast, we saw it was snowing.

We knew the snow flurries wouldn't last long. Haha
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We didn't have a long drive today, our last day on the road, so we took our time and didn't leave until 10. By then it had stopped snowing and the sun peeked out occasionally. Still windy and cold, though, as we drove through a beautiful landscape of rolling hills. What is it going to be like to see this from a bike perspective in a fews days I wonder. 

To our right the sky was blue, to our left dark clouds loomed. The dark clouds won and the higher we got, the more snow covered the hills.

Vallejera Pass, 1186 meters
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Scott AndersonOh, my gosh. Gulp!
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2 weeks ago
Better for skiing than cycling
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Don't want to see this from a bike I guess.
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Rachael AndersonDefinitely not!
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2 weeks ago

Driving southwest from Salamanca towards Cáceres we pass through countryside that we will be biking through in the coming weeks. It's tanatalizing to see it but not have it yet.

A short roadside stop
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Almost at the Portuguese border
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What a relief when we finally roll into Estremoz. Too tired for first impression pictures, we just park the car and check in to our very nice hotel. Time for a rest and some decompression. Janos has done a terrific job driving five consecutive days in all kinds of weather, handling the traffic skillfully and always alert. A real hero.

That's more like it... Our hotel is beautifully located.
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Rachael AndersonAll that snows is amazing! I’m glad you made it safely to Estremoz and the good weather! Let the cycling begin!
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2 weeks ago
Suzanne GibsonTo Rachael AndersonAnd let the good weather begin!
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2 weeks ago
Kathleen JonesNot the kind of weather you want to see in Iberia. Whew. Warm tailwinds to all of you.
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2 weeks ago