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October 16, 2017

Where's he gone?

Unlike Moses... He didn't die crossing the desert.



My rear wheel and I arrived back in Perth by train on October 3rd, leaving my bike, sans wheel, in Bev's shed. I'm waiting on a few replacement parts that have yet to arrive from overseas. And I have a few people I'm looking forward to seeing (wife included) and a few chores that need doing before I can return to Kalgoorlie, rebuild the bike and continue with Stage III of the journey.

Stage III Postponed


It's now the end of the first week of November and I'm still in Perth - so what's going on you might ask???.

Hanging out with Lottie at the local cafe... Just taking care of business in Perth before returning to Kalgoorlie to finish the ride.
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Stage III of the journey, from Kalgoorlie back to Perth, begins. Tomorrow morning I'm back on the train, returning to Kalgoorlie where I will finish the rebuild of Tortuga, my bike. I still have a few photos to download to the last pages of the journal and I'll be taking a series of back roads into Perth, so stay tuned little reader. There is much more to come.

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