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From A treadling Hyohakusha by Victa Calvo

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Victa Calvo commented on Heading for Hyden: The Great Western Woodlad

Hi Scott,

Yeah, that trip is a couple of years in the past now, but it did have a big impact on me. If offered, I don't think I'd do it again. More accurately, there are parts of it I'd rather not repeat...

I'll leave this ride alone now, no more photos, but you have reminded me that I need to go back to my latest ride (Yunnan) and finish up.

Thanks for the reminder. Hopefully, our paths will cross sometime in the near future.

1 year ago
Scott Anderson commented on Heading for Hyden: The Great Western Woodlad

Hey, Victa! How about those photos you’ve been promising!

Awesome journey, great journal. I was reminded to go back and reread it a few days ago when we had dinner with Bruce and Andrea. They mentioned your visit before (we were out of the country at the time), but this was the first time I connected it up with your journal to recognize it was you. Sorry we missed you.

1 year ago