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May 26, 2017

He's riding - he's happy...

Ipswich - Rosewood - Lowood



I was a bit late getting started taking off from my airbnb. The owners showed up with their new baby and we got to talking. It was half past 10 by the time I finally made it to the train station. Brisbane seems to have their public transport nicely sorted, too. I bought a ticket to Rosewood and just wheeled the fully loaded bike on without issue. Somehow I missed the connector train at Ipswich, so just decided to cycle the last 20 km to Rosewood. I could have easily cycled on to Marburg, but common sense said I needed to ease back into touring. I'm starting this ride from near 0 fitness.

Spent the night at the Showgrounds ($16) and had the privilege of listening to the trains rumbling past all night.

An easy, mostly flat 20 km.



Got up fairly early... well, woke up fairly early but laid in bed until it warmed up a bit. This time of the year, the nights are a bit cool and there are heavy dews, so things were a bit wet and took a while to dry out. No worries - I'm still working on the bike and gear and adjusting to the routine of touring. From past experience, I know I'll improve as time goes by.

It was pushing 10 am again by the time I cycled out of Rosewood towards Marburg and then Lowood. And there were hills, well two hills qualifies for use of plurals. This is Australia, so we cant call them mountains. The first topped out at about 120 metres and the second at 200. I rode the first, but pushed most of the second. That's ok too, I'll get better at the riding as time goes by. Some of the ride had a shoulder, some didn't, but the traffic was courteous. Most of the time, the Aussies are ok and share the road. Sometimes they don't. It's a long path to enlightenment, good thing there is reincarnation 'cause some of us will definitely need multiple goes.

My Karma must have been good today because I scored a free lunch at Marburg. I rode up to the one intersection in town and they were holding a charity morning tea and raffle. They fed me well, constantly plying me with sandwiches, cakes and coffee. I left them a generous "gold coin" donation (the small gold coloured $1 and $2 coins are heavy and accumulate quickly in my handlebar bag). I also helped one of the older gents to change a flat tyre - gotta keep that good karma flowing. I need all I can get.

Serendipitous Lunch: courtesy of the good people of Marburg.
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And the good people enjoying their cakes and raffle. Not a moment's hesitation, I was welcome to take part.
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Camping at the Lowood Showgrounds ($5) and no trains.

30 km today, two of those pushing up a steep little bugger of a hill.

They do old pubs in Queensland with real style. May they stand unchanged forever.
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Today's ride: 50 km (31 miles)
Total: 66 km (41 miles)

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