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July 25, 2016

Front Bucket Racks: Because you asked!

I have had a few questions about my front rack system for this trip so I thought I would shed some light.

I wanted a little extra storage space but didn't need full front bags and rack, so I came up with this...

I like the easy access to stuff inside the buckets.
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I used a combination of Salsa Anything Cage and some cheap containers from the store.

Since the Anything Cage is made for Salsa bike it does not have brazons that fit a standard bike, even though The Trucker is anything but standard in personality and grit, but she does have standard brazons.

Anyway, I used an adapter to solve the problem, in this case, the Mount Skidmore water bottle cage adapter, with some for added security of metal cable ties to the whole shebang.

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Overall I like the system and it is pretty light weight. What I liked was the easy access of the screw on tops. I carried my bike tools, tire changing stuff, extra tubes, a lock, first aid kit, and things like that would likely not change weight as I moved down the road.

I really doubt it was perfectly balanced but I seem to be less bothered by that kind of thing than some people seem to be. The weight was close anyway, and if someone is obsessed with that I'm sure they could get it to within a few ounces, or grams if you live on one of those new-fangled metric system countries.

It took a little bit of assembly at the start, a possible draw back under some circumstances, but most of the time that won't matter.

The system won't work for all of my trips but I will use it again if circumstances call for it.

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