September 9, 2019: Prague Airport to Prague Centre - Praha to Wien Greenway Tour (Tour 19) - 2019 🇨🇿 🇦🇹 - CycleBlaze

September 9, 2019

September 9, 2019: Prague Airport to Prague Centre

Wet ground but no falling rain

Hotel: U Zeleného jalovce, €90

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WE were pretty much on schedule as we descended into a soupy and wet Prague airport. I'm not sure if we were in a holding pattern or if we were skirting around various control zones as we zigged, zagged and descended and finally broke out of the clouds at around 30 m.

Everything looked soppy wet, but it did not appear to be raining. Quickly off of the plane from the Premium Economy section, we zipped to the passport control. Here is where things really bogged down. Though we were only about 15th in line, it took everyone many minutes to get through so we were there quite a while. Finally through, we got to the baggage carousels to our bikes sitting side-by-side at the large baggage desk.

We carted the bikes over to a far corner out of everyone's way and started to pull all of our belongings out of the boxes. Initially I felt panic-stricken when I could not find the adjustable wrench, which I use to remove the pedals at the end of the trip, or the quick-release skewer for my front wheel. The former could be replaced; the latter was required for me to roll anywhere. I continued to unpack and assemble as I tried to figure out how to make do. Until MA found both items slipped into a side pocket of one of my panniers. So, here again, everything arrived intact and in place. Once the bikes were together, we wrapped our gear in bags in case of rain and rolled the bikes to the exit of the terminal.

I always seem to have to go through a learning phase with my gps, and this time was no different. At first it wouldn't find satellites, then once I did, it was having a hard time routing me along my prepared track into the centre and to our accommodations. I ended up having to pull the batteries after it froze up then had it simply find a route to the hotel. A good part of the route was different than last time, and it brought us north of the centre then down to the bridge just north of the Charles Bridge which gave us great views of the Old Town. The greatest part of the ride to town - though the forecast had been for little bits of rain, though wet out, there was no falling rain at all. The only way we got wet was from the exertion to climb up all of the hills. We ended up removing our coats we were so warm.

Traffic was crazy and busy but when we got to the Old City, most of the traffic was pedestrian so much easier. I was trying to get to the room when a woman approached us asking if we were looking for this hotel. She had guessed correctly that it was us, and so she brought us to her husband Karen  - they own this place and we had met him the last time we came. Now, we were fairly visible along the streets, she knew we were coming with our bikes, and we were close to the room. Nevertheless, wow.

We met up with Karen who took us to the room, again the big apartment on Floor 2, helped bring our bikes and gear up to the room then sorted through his paperwork. With that out of the way, we cleaned up after our night of travel then headed out and around the city. We went to a locals pub/restaurant called U Zaledo for a beer/wine, then wandered along the river toward the Charles Bridge. By now, it was raining quite a bit so we veered back to our room to rest a bit and prepare to head out for dinner. Dinner was a TA suggested place called the Sad Man's Tongue, operated by an American, and known for their delicious hamburgers. We both ordered onion marmalade with feta burgers, which came with amazing fresh-cut fries. And beer/wine. It really was good and rated well on my review on TA.

Full, tired, and done for the day, we returned to the room where within minutes I was out like a light.

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Today's ride: 16 km (10 miles)
Total: 16 km (10 miles)

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