September 25, 2019: Departing Vienna for Home - Praha to Wien Greenway Tour (Tour 19) - 2019 🇨🇿 🇦🇹 - CycleBlaze

September 25, 2019

September 25, 2019: Departing Vienna for Home

From afar to a-near

PRG to YYZ to YTS via Air Canada 787-9 Dreamliner AC899 and Air Canada Express Dash 8-300 AC8287

YESTERDAY'S decision to arrange a taxi ended up being a good one. The van was just big enough for the boxes to fit then we scooted out to the airport at 143 km/hr. Check-in was interesting when Mr. Rules did not like his colleagues' suggestion to us to use this line. He said we must use that line, despite there being those straps and poles to guide people right in the way making it impossible to wheel around two clunky bicycle boxes. Apparently he wanted me to plow them down to get through so I acquiesced.

From there it was a quick check-in, including the normal wave-through on the bikes due to its being an Air Canada flight. The bikes were dropped over at the special counter, and again, let's hope we see them back home some day.

There was still the upcoming lines for both security and passport control, the latter of which took forever with only two agents working. Right past the control point was the lounge where we had our breakfast. I must say, though, that it was the least appealing lounge I have ever been in. Meager food offerings. Definitely not worth the US$35 that this normally would cost.

When we were done eating we went over to our gate, about a ten minute walk, then got into the plane in row 18 which was a special seat due to the bulkhead - this granted me a tonne of space to stretch my legs whenever I wanted, making for a great flight with no leg cramps. For pretty much the whole way, I caught up on Season 3 of Designated Survivor, seemingly the final season to be made. The staff on the AC flight were excellent, the food was quite good, and the noise-cancelling headphones allowed easy listening of the programmes.

There were a few changes in the Toronto airport, the best of which was passport control - we were diverted to a small bank of agents rather than the huge concourse area I am used to. Once in the domestic connections zone, we jumped into the Mill Street Pub where MA had a 1904 Dry Cider, while I tried their Hopped and Confused, which was a citrusy session ale and was awesome.

Soon it was time to board the flight to Timmins. As we waited, we heard them announcing offers of up to $1000 to give up a seat. I'd have done it but was anxious to see Alex and to get the day over with. We were a bit late leaving as they shuffled the luggage around... foreshadowing. Sure enough, when we got to Timmins we found they did not have our bikes. We filled out the forms and they told us once they arrived they would put them on the bus from Timmins to Cochrane. Here's hoping. In the meantime, I will research what Air Canada provides in case they lose the bikes. (Bikes were on the bus to Cochrane the next evening, so on Friday I picked them up, re-assembled them and put everything away until the next tour. Tour #20.)

Though I love travel, it was nice to see Mom, and of course, my little Alexio, and tomorrow, Dad.

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Steve Miller/GrampiesGreat trip! Thanks for the story.
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3 years ago
Steve Miller/GrampiesWhich noise cancelling headphones are you using? Can noise cancelling be light and comfortable and packable?
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3 years ago
Brent IrvineTo Steve Miller/GrampiesFrom Amazon I got TaoTronics TT-EP002 headphones. Though I am sure they are not the best, the price was good and they make videos watchable on the plane by blocking out a lot of the engine drone. The online ratings are fairly positive, too - 4 out of 5. These ones are not full headset type; rather, they are earbuds that weigh almost nothing.
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3 years ago