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July 1, 2015

Gonna Fry Out There?

We made an executive decision to ditch the raingear for the Coeur d'Alene. That includes the gorgeous parkas we found for the kids, and a similarly refined effort from local company Showers Pass for Dodie. The reason is a forecast that calls for 90F heat all next week.

Our usual procedure for these conditions is to start in the cooler dawn, or pre dawn, and go hide in Dairy Queen by the time the broiling heat of afternoon comes. (European readers - Dairy Queen is what they call an Eis Cafe here) - actually Google Maps records exactly zero Dairy Queens (and for that matter, Eis Cafes) between Wallace and Plummer. Now, we know that can't be right - better not be right!

Meanwhile, Sabrina, back in Montreal, complains of rain hindering her photography as the kids try out the trailer they will tour in by mid month. Though the trailer is apparently not at all waterproof, they survived, and I am sure you will agree Sabrina's camera did well also:

Rain outside the window of Amelia's cycle trailer
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The girls seem to fit well inside the trailer
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Trailer testing is hard work.
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Joseph looks on, but is still a touch little for grueling cycle touring this year.
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