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August 17, 2014

Quairading nights: First goal met

Rolled into town in the afternoon, about 50 kms for the day. I've always liked this town - it's petite and tidy and even in the heat of mid summer it presents well. They have a rest stop with free hot water showers, shaded picnic tables, a pub, etc...

First stop, went to the local cemetery to have a beer with my mother in law. As cemeteries go, its not bad. Would be a good place to stealth camp with a covered pavilion and potable tank water.

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Spent the evening in the pub with a couple of locals, even bumped into one of the wife's rellies, Lindsey (LJ he is called). Seems I also know another of the pub regulars, Pigman John. His daughter and mine share a flat in Perth. They all gleefully tell me he has had his mobility officially restricted by the state, otherwise he probably would have been there too. They phoned him up just so we could harangue him. I'm officially one of the brotherhood now. It was a lot of fun.

Technology babble: I'm hanging around town in the morning waiting for a Telstra mobile number to activate. I'm told this is something I must do. Only Telstra works in country WA, and there is a lot of nuthin out here between towns. Now I will have Telstra WiFi and mobile number. That should keep me going for the duration. Why are we so wedded to this stuff? Prior to mobiles and the internet we just "went" and eventually, sometimes weeks later, told a select few where we were.

I plod on slowly amidst all the spring splendor nature can muster.

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