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June 21, 1990

Many Glacier to Saint Mary

The hike to Iceberg Lake

I’ll come back and complete this someday, but for now I’m just finding a place to stash the photos from this trip so I can throw out the album.  The short story for the day though is that we began it with a nine mile hike to iceberg lake, and then biked down to Saint Mary at the base of Going to the Sun Pass.  We pitched our tent in Rising Sun Campground, six miles past the town, to shorten tomorrow’s climb to the summit as much as possible.  After walking along the lake to a food cart, we stuffed ourselves silly on Indian fry bread and blueberry cobbler and then waddled back to our tent.  We got to bed early because we need to start at daybreak tomorrow, but can hardly sleep because we’re keyed up about the climb and totally glutted.

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Beargrass, on the hike to Iceberg Lake
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Ron SuchanekSpectacular. I think the park has changed a lot since 1990.
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3 months ago
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Iceberg Lake
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Iceberg Lake
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Walking from our campsite along Saint Mary Lake, on our way to a feeding frenzy. We came back as stuffed as I can remember being.
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Elevation gain: today, 1,200’,for the tour, 19,000’

Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 272 miles (438 km)

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