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June 19, 1990

At Waterton National Park

Canoeing on Cameron Lake

We spent the entire day today in Waterton Park, using this as a rest day and an opportunity to do laundry.  We awoke early and bundled together our dirty clothes for the hike to town - too early, because the laundromat was still closed.  We settled instead for a breakfast; and then, after returning our clothes to the tent, we hopped on our bikes and headed back up the south ridge, destined this time for Cameron Lake.

Like yesterday, this was another long, beautiful climb; the views over the valley were even superior to those of the day before, and again the wildflowers were prolific.  Cameron Lake is in a dramatic setting, cradled by the north face of Mount Custer and surrounded by subalpine forest.  We rented a canoe from the boathouse and spent a few hours paddling the lake's perimeter, enjoying close-up views of the glacier and its waterfalls streaming into the lake.  It was a peaceful interlude and an opportunity to exercise different muscles - just right for a rest day.

Climbing to Cameron Lake
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On Cameron Lake
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Mount Custer, and the international border
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We are not alone.
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Below Custer Glacier
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We enjoyed a long, fast descent back to town, and then dawdled around all afternoon.  We stopped in town for a hamburger and pie while we washed our clothes at the now-open laundromat; showered; rested by the lake and read our books; and then bbiked back to town for a light dinner.  Rachael ordered a spinach, carrot and cheese quiche, and I enjoyed a Greek salad.  We ended the day well rested and ready for next day's ride south to Glacier.

Our campsite in Waterton Lake
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