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August 3, 2015

Last thoughts: Where to from here?

While this has been a very short journal, it is our very first, so we're happy to have not only done the ride but completed the journal! As I said in our introduction, we are hoping to complete some longer rides in the next few years in anticipation of taking off in retirement for trips of much longer lengths. So far so good!

At this point, I would really like to thank the many people who post their journals for folks like us to read. When we first thought about doing long trips, it seemed like, well a crazy idea. But now that we see so many other cycle tourists out there travelling the world and enjoying life, we know that if we are crazy, at least we are in some good company!

A couple of favourite journals of mine:

Beijing to Paris - Part 2 - Five grandchildren later, by Heather Burge - so inspiring!

And Then We Pedalled... by Lyele McLeod - we are sad you are at the end - its been such fun!

Life is like a box of chocolates by Pippa Genner - who would ever think you could do this with your young children and have such an amazing adventure!

and my personal favourite

The Really Long Way Round by Chris Pountney - I have read the entire journey and look forward eagerly to each new entry! Chris is a talented writer and really, they should make a movie about it! It is unfortunate that this highly entertaining journal has been removed from Crazyguyonabike, but Chris has his own blog now called Differentpartsofeverywhere, and it is a great read. In addition, on his blog site you can find a link to purchase his book, There Are No Wrong Turns, which covers much of what was in the blog that has been deleted. If you are at all curious about cycle touring, I highly recommend both the book and blog! 

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Ron SuchanekThanks for recommending Chris Poutney. I think I read a few of his entries on CGOB awhile ago.
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3 years ago
Sue PriceTo Ron SuchanekYes, Chris is an excellent writer. He is currently making his way across Canada.
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3 years ago