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August 2, 2015

Day 4 Victoria to Richmond: Home again Home again...

Our last day! After a good night's rest, we got out bikes out of the room where they had been locked up for the night and made a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee and a breakfast sandwich, then we were on our way. The ride out of town was just as nice as the ride in. Lovely quiet streets, pathways and lanes. Along the way, we spotted a deer sauntering across the road. On Vancouver Island, the deer have become a real nuisance, as there are no predators and they obviously can't be hunted in the city. While they are nice to see, they cause no end of problems for anyone with a garden.

a view back at part of the bike path with a canopy of trees - so lovely!
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sauntering deer - no worries for these guys!
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Once out of the city we made good time up to Sidney, where we stopped for a little snack before heading to the ferry.

Not far from the ferry now. Time for a little break
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lots of cyclists on this route - no wonder!
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We got to the ferry terminal with time to spare and once on, had a nice 1 1/2 hour break before disembarking at the Tswassen Ferry terminal. The ride from this terminal along the causeway is probably the worst part of the trip. I don't know what they were thinking, calling this a "bikeway" - there is very little room to ride and its always windy. On one side of you are cars streaking away from the ferry and on the other, concrete barriers. There is a nice wide walkway on the other side of the barrier and I don't understand why they don't just move these over to make a proper bike path! Ugh!

another ferry we passed along the way
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Once we got off the main road, onto the much quieter Arthur Drive, it was a pleasant ride into the town of Ladner. In order to go through the George Massey Tunnel, you need to take a shuttle, which runs once an hour. Its free and pretty easy to use. We try to time our arrival in Ladner so that we just miss the shuttle and have to wait for the next one. Why you ask?

Why, the nice cold beers at the Captain's Cove Marina, of course!
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Beers and chicken wings finished off, we headed over to the shuttle, and from there a quick little ride home. Our first multi day ride was complete. We were happy we made it and had such a good time, but sad it was over.

What? We're at the end? Well, only until the next time!
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Today's ride: 72 km (45 miles)
Total: 271 km (168 miles)

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