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May 22, 2018

11. Rasar State Park to Marblemount: Twighlight Zone

Anticipating the hard day ahead, we made a leisurely ride to Marblemount from Rasar State Park mainly on WA 20. The Cascade Trail extended a few more miles, but we wanted to make better time on pavement.

The Buffalo Run Inn at Marblemount was our last stop before jumping into the upper Cascades. The little wide spot in the road has no cell service, at least for AT&T users. But the motelnhas decent 5G wireless. At $98/night it’s not cheap, but it was super clean and provided a fullsome cold breakfast. Our room was decorated with faux prints of Venice. A little odd for a place called the Buffalo Inn, but what the heck.

The owner/operater has no office staff - his contact info is taped to the front door. He told us that the quickest way for him to go broke was to pay $12 per hour for someone to sit in the motel and watch TV. Fair enough. So don't expect any social handholding at the motel. The owner repeated a few times not to expect "the Conrad Hilton in Seattle." Breakfast was in a room that looked like a regular household kitchen with a fridge, microwave, sink, etc. Jackie was creeped out by the surveillance cameras in the unattended dining area. A sign warned not to make lunches from the breakfast food, so the cameras must have been to police the area. We took two cookies for the road anyway.

The inn also has a restaurant, but it doesn't open until Memorial Day, along with another diner that is next door. We'd recommend giving the Mondo Restaurant a pass, if possible. It is across the street. Again, clean and attentive, with `a kind of fusion menu, including hamburgers, pizza, egg rolls, fried rice, but not compelling.

Buffalo Inn decor.
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Buffalo Inn policies. Got to love the exclamation points.
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Trust us, the ‘Con’ is there.
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Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 292 miles (470 km)

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