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June 12, 2024

Cycle day 39 - bushcamp to Nanutarra Roadhouse

Cycle Day 39 - bushcamp to Nanutarra roadhouse = 65km.  3038km cycle toured so far on this trip.

Nanutarra Roadhouse = $30 unpowered ($15 per person - has a single rate)

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Well we think it was a very noisy night last night as when we were watching Slow Horses (series 2 - that's a great series Dad!)  we could hardly hear it (lucky for subtitles) as the roar of trucks through out the night was continuous - we slept through it all and hardly heard any of it.  Occassionally you would hear a series of turcks come through -just rolled over and fell back asleep!

It was another warm night and up at 4.30am, on the road at 6am only to find that I had a puncture in my rear wheel.  So back down on flat ground and we changed the tube.  On the road again at 7am.  These trucks were still going but in the opposite direction to us but none coming with us this morning.  It is not until we got to the Onslow turn off at 17km that we saw all the trucks heading towards Peedmulla way which is where we saw the new bump in the road being made yesterday - we think the trucks are taking the iron ore not far from the Onslow turnoff and taking it to where the railway line will be near Peedmulla somewhere.  There is so many mining activity everywhere it is hard to tell what is what!

I did wonder if it was going to rain today as there is alot of cloud about.  There is no wind to speak off and it was about 15 degrees this morning and since there is no wind and cloud the temperature is sitting on 28.6 degrees so quite warm.  

interesting clouds this morning
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The road south of the Onslow turnoff was devoid of alot of traffic.  Hardly any mining traffic what so ever.  Even the mining utes were only 1 or 2.  There was a bit more caravans going south compared to yesterday -possibly these ones had come from Onslow.  So the traffic was minimal for the last 40km to the roadhouse.

The scenery was similar to yesterday but we did have a few more ranges to look at or follow.

A bit of a dig at the West Australian mining 'Gods'
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At least the scenery changed up a bit with the small ranges
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It was are relief to get to this Roadhouse as it has been 2 hard days previously and Judy, if you are reading and following this, you may be looking at the blue line on the map and seeing that we still have a few kilometers to get to Perth in time to meet you - no worries, it is all mapped out and we have a couple of days up our sleeve for emergency rain days!  Besides after Canarvon the road is bascially straight to Perth via Kalbarri and then the Jurian coast line!

Nanutarra Roadhouse is quite a popular place and the tent area is fully grassed and at the front where the public can sit and use the tables as well.  This is only noisy at lunchtime, now at 3.30pm it is quiet and we are enjoying camping on the grass -not sure if the sprinkler system will come on during the night!  We will find out!

our camp spot
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as you can see we are pretty close to the travelling public!
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We are resting here tomorrow.  Dinner tonight is probably a hamburger with the lot and chups!

Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 3,038 km (1,887 miles)

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