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June 11, 2024

Cycle day 38 - Fortesque River Roadhouse to bushcamp

Cycle day 38 - Fortesque River roadhouse to bushcamp = 100km.  2973km cycle toured so far on this trip.

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15 degrees this morning so a relatively warm night and another hot day at 29 degrees.  Winds were light and most of the ride came from a south easterly direction.  Was meant to swing into a northerly mid morning but that didn't eventuate until late this afternoon.

A nice round figured day today which made it alot easier to add to the totals - was going to stop at 96km at a so-so bushcamp but I said lets try for another 4km to get to 100km and we will see from there as the roadside is starting to become bare again.  It is a risk but I hate doing anything in the 90's and we are just so close to that 100km that you sort of want to do that extra kilometers just to make that 100km mark no matter how tired you are - well that was me today.  It did pay of as this bushcamp is alot nicer than the 96km one!

Not alot of drama today on the road in fact we left the roadhouse by 6am and as per usual the traffic was relatively heavy until around 7.30am and then it dies of a bit and then restarts again.  It tends to come in dribs and drabs throughout  the day.  Not alot of caravans heading south with us and still more coming up from the south and heading northwards.

Scenery is very much the same each day - low lying shrubs wit the occassional tree that has managed to grow higher than 2m tall - well done to it!  No wildlife to speak off although we saw a bird of prey and Neil reckons he saw a wedge tailed eagle (I personally think he imagined that!) only really old kangaroo carcasses on the side of the road and  presume because it is so dry now that the kangaroos have moved on to greener pastures.

Still a heck of alot of mining traffic.  Today we passed 2 railroad bumps in the road.  Acutally 1 was already formed and the main highway now goes over it but there is no railway line laid down yet.  The other one was about 12km back and they are still working on the bump so we got diverted around it on the original highway.  I hate those bumps they are such a grind to get up them!

Photos are rare now as there is nothing to take a photo off.  I did take one when we stopped at the 80km mark as the flies are beginning to swarm again and I ended up wearing mine as I rode. 

fly nets are out!
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As you can see in the background that is the type of scenery we have been seeing since leaving Port Hedland.  Occassionally we will see a hill or pass by the edge of a tiny range that probably was 3000ft tall orignally until Gina and Twiggy got there hands on it, mined it and now it is a stump of a hill!  In saying that I found today was a bit rolling and maybe because the trailer is really heavy that I can feel it when going slightly up a hill.

Tonights dinner is either muesli or pepper steak chunky soup and brown rice - I haven't decided.  We are about 5km from a 4G tower this is why I can put up a blog post tonight.  I suspect it is for easier communication with the railroad bump 12km back and possibly the development of a new mine -who knows!

Here is our camp spot and tomorrow is a short day to Nanutarra Roadhouse.

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Today's ride: 100 km (62 miles)
Total: 2,973 km (1,846 miles)

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