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July 18, 1983

Day 70: Last Wind Blows in My Direction

Day 70: Monday, 18 July 1983

Start: Campground, Winchester, UK

End: Hotel, London, UK

The ride from Winchester to London would measure about 90 kilometers by my calculations, and it remained unexpectedly hot, so I reckoned to split it into two easy days -- no hurry -- and hit the city on Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday morning a big tailwind changed my plans by pushing me all the way from Winchester into London town. Even with a late start and a flat tire -- enough of those, already! -- it was a fast ride. I tried to slow it down by stopping for a pint but -- however that strange law works -- no one could sell me a beer. I can't believe the Queen really intends things to work this way.

I stayed at a hotel near Heathrow -- another big dent in the American Express card -- and booked my return flight for Friday. I could stretch it out another couple of weeks before the ticket expires and ride some more, but first I would need to take a week of R&R, burn most of my clothes, fumigate my sleeping bag, and soak the June Bug in Lysol. I could stash everything and travel around without Bob -- don't tell my faithful bike -- but I'm simply not up for that right now. Too weary of travel.

But I did set things up so I could have a few days exploring London.


Distance: 88 km 

Weather: Hot 

Road: Good 

Traffic: Moderate, then very heavy in London 

Terrain: Flat, then urban 

Mechanical: Flat tire, otherwise all is well 

Physical: Feeling very strong, but a little weary

Today's ride: 88 km (55 miles)
Total: 5,061 km (3,143 miles)

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