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May 12, 1983

Day 3: On the Road to the Blue Dolphin

Day 3: Thursday, 12 May 1983

Start: Athens, Greece

End: Blue Dolphin campground, Corinth, Greece

Tour begins in earnest!

We set out around 9:30 or 10:00. I mapped a likely route and we cleared Athens with little difficulty, cruised first north to avoid traffic and congestion, then went along the old highway toward the west. Weather perfect at 70-75. Sunny. Mild breezes. No humidity. A few small hills. I feel strong and confident, but still adjusting to altered handling characteristics of Bob the Bike fully laden.

Met our first biker, an Irishman just finishing his run from Copenhagen on a battered Raleigh three-speed, marvelling at our fancy, brand-new gear. His belongings were all piled into a metal basket bolted up front.

Lunch and several warm beers along the way. Brews, we've been assured, are much safer than local water supplies, which meets with my approval. Crossed Corinth Canal, into Corinth town.

Mike wanted to stop and phone the National Tourist Agency for directions to a campground. Warning bells inside my brain. We don't need no stinking tourist agency! I convinced him to wing it. With no problem we discovered the Blue Dolphin campground on the Gulf of Corinth. Very nice. Could be one of the best we'll encounter. Uncrowded. Friendly folks. On the water. Nice view. Restaurant. Hot showers. Mike a little more relaxed now that he realizes how easy it is to find a place to stay just by looking around.

I drank a cold beer and watched an old Greek guy working on an eel hung from a clothes line, constantly running a pair of rolling pins (that's what they looked like) up and down, up and down like he was trying to flatten it into eel steak. Made a mental note not to have eel or steak for dinner.

Ate with two Englishmen working at the campground for the summer and an English couple travelling by car toward Turkey and beyond. Good company and conversation, but too many cheap beers for me! Must keep consumption to a reasonable level, even after a thirsty day, if I want to get up early and ride strong.

Off to the June Bug tent to sleep.


Distance: 60 km 

Weather: Beautiful 

Road: Smooth, good shoulders 

Traffic: Light 

Terrain: Mostly flat 

Mechanical: No problems 

Physical: Feeling good, getting even stronger

Today's ride: 60 km (37 miles)
Total: 65 km (40 miles)

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