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July 24, 2021

Fort Plains to Schenectady

   Woke up,  Ed boiled some water. I had some of the coffee and oatmeal I had packed. Collected my gear and went to Stewart’s to have more coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I rode the road towards the Palatine Motel to return Lyon's bag. On the way to the motel I passed the Pie Shed on the side of the road, manned by a Mennonite woman and chock full of pies and cookies at incredible prices. The pies would have been crushed in my saddlebags ao I bought some oatmeal cookies. It was hard riding away.

   If I could move that woman and her pie shack to a corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and triple her prices, we would both be millionaires in a year. She wasn’t interested in being a millionaire and I retired from the rat race. I pushed on.

Pie Shed
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  I dropped the bag in front of Lyon’s room, he was probably sleeping one off. I left some beer money in the stuff sack. I hope he finds it.

   As I was making my way east, the Philly Boys caught me, they were flying, I tried to ride with them but they dropped me after a mile. They had to make Albany that day, a 72-mile haul; Bob had to work Sunday, which was the next day.

   Connie and Ed waited for me In Amsterdam and we had a pleasant lunch outside at the Evolve Eatery, right next to the trail. There was a VW microbus covered in flowers and as we ate some guy pulled up playing Hendrix from his car. It was a hippie moment.

   We never rode into Amsterdam proper because as Ed said, “Schenectady doesn’t come to you.” We pushed on. It was a nice day but it was heating up and the shade of the trail was a good thing. At 4:30 the Philly Boys texted us that they had made it to the Amtrak Station in Albany where their car was parked.

   When Ed, Connie and I got to Schenectady we found a brewery with wifi. The Marriott was sold out so we ended up in the Schenectady Inn/Days Inn. Mariska at the desk said Covid had pushed back the much-needed renovation. 90 bucks, no wifi, no working washer dryer, no bed bugs. 46.2 miles for the day.

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Today's ride: 46 miles (74 km)
Total: 376 miles (605 km)

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