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May 18, 2017

Final Details: The Weigh-in

In the last few days before departure, our minds are a-flutter with final preparations. Number one is ensuring we don’t exceed the airlines weight restrictions for our luggage. These days there is little or no fudging on the weight, so we aim to put as much in the suitcase along with the bikes as possible without going over the limit.

But first, we have to break it to the fur-child that she is not coming with us.

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It goes without saying that we need to travel light if we hope to enjoy climbing up all the mountain passes on this tour. So, we pare down and only take what fits ito two small panniers. For the journey across the pond, we vacuum bag our clothing and collapse the panniers so we can fit all the gear into one duffle bag. This will remain at the chambre d'hote near Lyon where we will stay on our last night as well. Here's the sum total of what we will put in checked luggage. Our helmets and handlebar bags will travel with us in the cabin as carry-on.

All geared up and ready to go, and under 23kilos each.
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