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From French Alps 2017 by Anne Mathers

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Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Briancon to Valloire: Alpine Nirvana

And on my REALLY short list, Galibier is right at the top. If I could only climb one pass again, it would be this one.

1 year ago
Scott Anderson commented on Gorge de la Bourne to Bois Barbu: When Shortcuts Go Bad

It’s nice to see this country again! The Vercors is on my short list of places I’d most love to see again.

1 year ago
Scott Anderson commented on Castellane to Entrevaux: Shortcuts Come With Risks

This is one of my regrets from our tour. I really wish we had stayed over in Entrevaux instead of just taking a quick look. If we ever make it back here, we’ll certainly stay over.

4 years ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Anne Mathers on I Love a Plan

We’ll be sure to let you and others know when it’s closer, but we expect to come up that way mid-July sometime. We’re looking forward to connecting with some familiar names and faces.

4 years ago
Anne Mathers commented on I Love a Plan

Thanks, Scott. Your links are updated. We're aiming for the Mediterranean somewhere in 2019. Don't forget about us when you come to Victoria in 2019 (?) We need to connect one of these days! Keith and Kathleen live nearby us. Happy New Year to you and Rachel, wishing you continued safe adventures in 2019.

4 years ago
Scott Anderson commented on I Love a Plan

Happy New Year! I hope you have big plans in mind for the coming year so we can follow along again.

I thought I’d point out the two links to our Crazy Guy journals, which are of course broken now. You could replace them with links to the same journals, now in CycleBlaze.

4 years ago