08/21/23 Florence - Training Ride - CycleBlaze

August 20, 2023 to August 22, 2023

08/21/23 Florence

There’s a state park a few miles south of Florence with $8 hiker/biker sites and I took it easy for a couple of days. I was tired of route planning, tired of thinking and hanging out in a campground with no bandwidth was easy to do.  Several other cyclists and a couple of elderly nomads shared the campsite, and made for interesting socializing.  

There are fires in every direction I want to go and air quality is erratic, leaving no good choices for where to go next.  What I’m going to do is follow the coast south with the expectation of encountering smoke which I’ll deal with then.  

I have discovered the joys of uphill backwards walking. It hurts the back of my legs in a pleasant way and leaves me feeling limber.

Chatting with Michael in the morning. He’s drinking a powdered breakfast supplied by the manufacturer. He’s waiting in Florence to collect a resupply package sent by his manager with more powder and other stuff
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The abandoned landscaping business where we camped. Michael stayed another day after I went to the campground and fixed it up even more and sent pictures. The 64 y/o nomad sharing the hiker/biker site was very interested. It’s quite a nice spot, tbh
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From Michael
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Laundromat selfie
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The bridge out of Florence
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Hiker/biker site
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Includes lockers with power and USB outlets
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Nice forest
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