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July 12, 1996

Milaca, MN to Stillwater, MN

I could have biked all night....

Had some rain today and the terrain got much hillier after we crossed the St. Croix River into Wisconsin. Dave didn't think very highly of the route, and my knees didn't like it either! We hit the 2,000 mile mark today! Stillwater is an attractive town; reminds me of Pittsburgh's Station Square only there are many more quaint shops and exclusive stores. The riverfront looked lovely from afar and it would have been nice to walk around downtown, but our motel was at least three miles away and after showering and eating, all we want to do is collapse, not sightsee. The Montana and Wisconsin fire department have an excellent procedure for locating rural properties. Each house has a metal plate (like a license plate) mounted on a post by their driveway, bearing a fire-identification number. I rewrote the lyrics to a selection from "My Fair Lady". (I Could Have Danced All Night)

"I could have biked all night, I could have biked all night, and still have begged for more.

I could have cracked my whip, as I have done this trip, to make Dave ride miles more.

I'll never know just why he stops so early; it almost makes us have a fight!

I only know when he, says `it's too dark to see', I could have biked, biked, all night!"

Today's ride: 121 miles (195 km)
Total: 2,092 miles (3,367 km)

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