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April 20, 2012

Over-reaching?: Slowly, very very slowly is the theme

Did say I was going to take it easy. 60 km should be my limit for the first week. It has been over a year since my last tour and Western Australis is a wee bit flatter than the California coast.

I forgot just how pretty, absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful this coast can be.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse - it's actually a hostel now and would be a fantastic place to stay. Word is you need to book way in advance.
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Started in Half Moon Bay in the fog and was hoping to make it to New Brighton Beach State Park in Santa Cruz for another night of hiker/biker tenting. 3 miles down the road I realised I had left my freshly laundered grundies (look it up - Aussie slang) hanging on a tree branch. No way I was going to ride all the way to San Diego on only one pair. 6 mile round trip...

By the time I got to Davenport I had done enough pedalling for the day = 46 miles = 70 km... way more than my 50 km allocation for week one. My left knee is now giving me a serious talking to.

Swanton Berry Farm was a highlight for the day. Almost stopped at Pigeon Point Hostel - it is so pretty - but didn't have enough miles on the clock at that point. Had the wind at my back for most of the day: cyclist heaven.

I'm staying at the Davenport Inn tonight, in one of the cottages out the back. It's good - nice vibe - if a bit pricy.

40 miles / 60 kilometres should put me at about Moss Landing tomorrow. Let's see how it goes...

Today's ride: 46 miles (74 km)
Total: 101 miles (163 km)

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