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October 11, 2020

Northwest Kentucky Hill Country

Day 11: Sunday Oct, 11 2020

Tell City IN to Caneyville KY

Distance: 50 miles

Weather: 64 in AM, 76 in afternoon, overcast skies

I had an interesting morning this am.  I woke up and heated water for coffee and oatmeal; my daily routine.  And then promptly spilled the hot water while trying to get the hot lid off.  Fortunately I had extra water and was able to heat more.  Without my daily dose of Cafe Bustelo I would have been rendered useless today.

Additionally I seem to have lost my first item this morning.  Or at least I realized it was lost this morning.  Back 5 months ago my friend Ward shot what appeared to be a blue rubber band at me.  When I got a closer look at it, I realized it was an elastic bracelet that read, "pray, pedal, repeat".  It has not come off my wrist since that day.  That is, until last night when I must have lost it.  I scoured the sandy banks of the Ohio River this morning to no avail. Perhaps, someone else is in need of it and they will find it.  As for what that saying means and where it came from that's for another journal entry.  I shall call it when the time comes, "The Story of a Fledging Organization" however.   

After breaking camp I was on the road at 9 am Central Time.  Yes, the time changed yesterday while riding south through Indiana. 
My first stop was the town park where I filled my water bottles.  Next I stopped at a local gas station to shave.  Then I began making my way towards the Ohio River Bridge to cross into Kentucky.  The only other stop I made was for a sub at subway.  

Ohio River Bridge
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Midway across...
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The other side...
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The bulk of my ride today was through Northwest Kentucky hill country.  My next major destination will hopefully be Mammoth Cave National Park which features by far the largest discovered cave in the world!  I should arrive there by Tuesday.  In order to get there however I am riding slightly east and south.  Oddly,  I had a headwind today coming out of the east. 

I must say a couple notes about the riding today.  First, northwest Kentucky is beautiful. So far it has been heavily wooded and the leaves are all in full bloom with varying hues of red, orange, yellow, and greens.  It is magnificent.  Also, riding through these hills is challenging. Step climbing is common place.  Thank God for my highest gear.  Still, I am pretty whipped. 

Fall foliage
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I passed one notable landmark:  a massive dam in Falls of The Rough, Kentucky.  

Falls of the Rough Dam managed by Army Corp of Engineers.
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Falls of the Rough is essentially a small resort community with some pretty neat stuff if your willing to fork over the requisite money to indulge.   

Also as an interesting side note COVID19 is non-existent and has "passed over" many of the hill communities in Kentucky according to Jonny Smith whom I met at a gas station.  I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about wh this may be.  Here are some ideas.  1. These people are far more hygienic than the average person. 2. Nobody comes here, and nobody leaves so they are an isolated community. 3. They have some rare immunity that the general population does not have.  I will let the reader draw there only conclusion as to why this may be.  

I am currently sitting at the Caneyville Outreach of Jesus Christ gazebo and will likely throw out my mattress and sleeping bag right here as it's getting late and I'm frankly to tired to conquer another hill.  Time will tell whether this is kosher.   

Today's ride: 50 miles (80 km)
Total: 561 miles (903 km)

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