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October 5, 2020

Northern Indiana: Heartland of American Agriculture

Day 5: Mon 10/5 Peru, IN to 12 miles north of Indianapolis

Miles: 58 miles

Weather: 34 degrees at 7 am and 63 by afternoon, Sunny! 

I awoke at 7 am and was packed and on the road by 8 this morning.  Before leaving Peru I bought some groceries and got breakfast at McDonalds. 
I started my ride today wearing nearly every piece of clothing I had to stay warm on the bike.  The first leg of today's ride was back heading south on the Nickel Plate Trail for 12 miles.  Then I rode several miles on some very rural country farm roads that were called something like E 550 N and when I turned I would turn onto N 550 E.  Not very creative road names, and easy to make a mistake with directions on this leg.  This part of the ride helped me to see how much agriculture there is in Northern Indiana.  Northern Indiana truly is part of the heartland of the American agricultural scene.  Then I rode approximately 28 miles on 19 South. 

 The only substantial town I passed through was Tipton.  The highlight of Tipton for me was a large town park.  I laid out in the sun for awhile while eating lunch.  I got some interesting gawkers staring at me.  I dont know if they thought I was homeless or what but I could care less.  Technically, I am without a home at the moment.  I then enjoyed cleaning up and shaving in the restroom. 
I rode the rest of the day in just a t-shirt.  What a difference from the 34 degree morning!  Shortly after I left Tipton my left knee started acting up again and I started getting minor aches in my lower back and neck area.  I linked my phone to bluetooth and played Harry Belafonte station on Pandora while I rode.  Music has a way of brightening my outlook. 
I'm presently stealth camped approximately 12 miles north of Indianapolis in a wealthy area off the road and down an embankment.  

Stealth camped off road 12 miles north of Indie.
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As I write this I realize my inflatable mattress seems to already have sprung a leak.  Not cool!  I've never had good fortune with inflatable mats which is why I always leaned towards closed cell foam for backpacking.  So, it looks like I'm going to try to find the leak and patch it tonight.  Wish me luck, otherwise it will be a hard nights sleep. 

Tommorow I will be skirting around west of Indianapolis to avoid the city.  

Today's ride: 56 miles (90 km)
Total: 264 miles (425 km)

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