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July 15, 2011

Jour Trent et duex

Maybe it's just that the rain gods here are assholes?

3-days ago...

Rain God Apprentice: "Lords, don't you think the American cyclist deserves sunshine for her last days of riding in France, before she leaves our fine land of the Bretons?"
God of Rain: "I see no reason to treat her any different from the rest of the population."
God of Thunder: "Besides, she's an American. She comes to our shore, ignorant in our ways and language, expecting us to speak English and to put seats on all of our toilets."
Rain God Apprentice: "Is it right to cause such misery simply because of the land of their nationality?"
God of Rain: "Yes."

But the apprentice was persuasive and finally got his way.

Rain God: "All right, young protégé, we shall calm the storms until the kind, American Cyclist has cleared our shores."
Apprentice: "Oh, thank you, my Lord!"

This morning...

Apprentice: "My lord, I thought you were going to giveth the kind, beautiful, American cyclists fair weather for the rest of her days in Breton? I woke up to a steady rain?"
God of Rain: "YOU STUPID GULLIBLE APPRENTICE! This is Brittany! If you plan to make it here as a full fledge rain god you must learn to be evil; EVIL I SAY! If you want to be make people happy with sunshine than try to get a job in the Loire, or Spain, or California! She should be happy we gave her two sunny days. That is more than most people get around here!"
God of Rain: "AAAAAAAAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA! Let her ride her, BICYCLE, her, VELO, to St. Malo in the rain! Why should she not suffer like the rest of them?
God of Wind: And I shall add a headwind to increase our entertainment value!"

So, I awoke to a steady rain... GRRRR. Stupid weather gods.

Still, it was my last day in France, I wasn't going to let a little rain bother me! So I rode, and the rain got a little harder. I rode a few more kilometers and it became a driving rain. I rode a few MORE kilometers and it became a deluge!

As it happened I was in the proximity of a campground I stayed in 2 nights ago, the one with the smoked salmon crepes. I headed that way and arrived looking like a drowned rat.

"Remember me," I asked the woman at the campground. She did, and I ended up staying for several hours drinking coffee, eating lunch and updating my journal until the rain subsided.

Finally it was only a mere drizzle and I set off again for St. Malo. After a little while longer and the sun started peaking through here and there. GEECH, so unpredictable.

I arrived in St. Milo around 6pm, headed for the ferry terminal to buy my ticket for tomorrow and then to a hotel, where I got in my room and collapsed. Well, I didn't really col-LAPSE, so much as rolled the bike in and sat down on the bed. But for a short day distance wise it seemed like a long day.

Tomorrow I get on the ferry and head for the UK-it takes 8-hours from St Milo to Portsmouth.

I'm really sad that the trip is almost over.

I made it! Through France that is.
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This one is for you, Donna.
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Look. Stonehenge! Oh, wait, it's just a bench, sorry.
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Do they mean picnic?
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I know you're not supposed to cook in your room but I wanted a cup of tea.
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LOOK! From Florida!
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Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 1,725 km (1,071 miles)

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