The day I left the river and took to the hills.: Rochemaure to Vallons-Pont d'Arc - South from Burgundy - CycleBlaze

June 10, 2016

The day I left the river and took to the hills.: Rochemaure to Vallons-Pont d'Arc

Six kilomèters extra. That's what happens when you see a sign that says "road closed" and you choose to ignore it. Sometimes you can squeeze by on a bike where a car might not make it, but not this time.

Too deep to ford easily.
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The day started out well,enough. My hotel was just adjacent to the trail. I had to walk across a narrow bridge, but the Mistral was being kind, so not too much swaying

The castle of Rochemaure in the background from the footbridge.
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I very shortly recrossed the river on a rather more mundane bridge, and promptly lost the way. A quick stop in a tourist office, and I was put right. But they didn't tell me about the flooding. Perhaps they didn't know, or they thought I would see the signs and get off the trail. That would be giving me more credit for intelligence than I deserved, but oh well, no permanent harm done to me, and the young lady at the tourist office did seem very eager to help. Being back on the highway anyway, I decided to be done with the Via Rhona. So I won't be able to tell you about the route further south, leaving that for you to discover, or for a later trip if the whim takes me.

I took the route to Vallons Pont d'Arc starting in Bourg St. Andeol. A brief stop to refill my water bottles, then UP. Lunch stop at a nondescript bar/restaurant in St. Remeze, made interesting by some guy asking for a selfie with me! Hopefully, that won't go to my head. Then more climbing followed by a long descent into Vallons. I stopped at several camping places, but they were either reserved for motor homes and caravans, or way too expensive. I refuse to pay 42€ to sleep in my tent! So I once again opted for a room, this time in a b-n-b, 60€ breakfast included, and wifi in the room.

View on the way to Vallons. (excuse the crap on the lens.)
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Today's ride: 79 km (49 miles)
Total: 513 km (319 miles)

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