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June 5, 2016

spring and cabin fever.

Oh what a long grey spring it has been for us in Burgundy. It has rained almost daily since March. The rest of France has had it bad, too. Paris is flooded, the Loire is high, and fields are sodden with water that can't be absorbed. To make matters worse, Burgundy was hit by a late frost in May and many of the vines were damaged. The worst frost since 1981 according to those who remember. We kept busy at chez Klein, but the lack of outdoor entertainment is beginning to tell. Even the cat has cabin fever. FINALLY a break in the weather is promised for a couple of days. The weather guessers say it won't last, but if I can get to the south near the Med, I might find some good riding weather. My stuff has been packed for weeks, so tomorrow morning, I'm off. The trains are on strike, so it will be out the door and on the bike, but hell, I feel good, my doctor is satisfied with my progress, so why not?

The plan is to stick on velo routes until I get to about Avignon, then head west. We'll see how that goes. I'll stay away until I'm terminally homesick, or Sue needs me, or I fall down and break something, or until I have to be back for more medical fol-de-rol.

I also built up a new touring bike over the (prolonged) winter. It's a Velo Orange Campeur frame with home built wheels on Shimano front and VO rear hubs, VO randonneur bars with bar end shifters, my old comfy Brooks saddle, triple front and 9-speed rear cogs, canti breaks, the classic set up, in short.

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