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April 7, 2022

Impatiently waiting

Let's GO, already

ALL MY BAGS are packed,
I'm ready to go...

... but I can't leave just yet.  I promised my wife I'd cover the 0800 - noon time slot while we wait for a contractor to come estimate a small tiling job in the kitchen.  As soon as they've come and gone I'll be off like a dirty shirt.

Today I'll go only about a third of the total distance to the ride start, not because of the starting delay but because that's how I planned it.  The event site doesn't become available until tomorrow, but by leaving today and taking a 4.5 hour chunk out of the 12+ hour total travel time I not only make tomorrow's journey shorter, I also create an opportunity to visit an old friend who lives more-or-less along the way.

But I can't start until that contractor comes.  Where are they, anyhow?

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