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Goodbye to Hochst - for a while

July, 2014.

Bernie guided us to the radweg from his house. It is not far, but we find the suburbs of Hochst a bit confusing. From this point we would cycle around the Lake, though not completely. We would spin off at the Rhine, go round the lake counter clockwise, and use then the Rhine where it exits the lake to then head further west. So we would miss the Swiss bit on the west shore of the lake. No matter - we did it the previous year, and actually it is not the prettiest part.

The day was a hot sunny Sunday - the perfect conditions for the population to come out and enjoy the lake. All along the shore, people found spots where they could sit and where they could go into the lake. The bike path was thronged with people - tourists with credit card level luggage, some with heavier loads, and many locals just going to the beach. Unlike in Salzburg or Vienna, though, we didn't run into any unsafe bike driving. It was all quite pleasant and sedate.

An unusual sunny Sunday activity by the lake was martial arts training
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The Bregenzer Ach - Bernie's favourite cooling off river
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Everybody is out on bikes.
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The Bodensee!
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We came to the Bregenz harbour area, where we had made our rendez-vous with Bernie two days ago, and had sat with him in the Hafen Restaurant. Already we felt nostalgic about our time there. We continued back around the lake, passing people all along who were enjoying the lake accesses. Most of these were somewhat informal, but we did pass at least one area that was more formally a "beach" and offered a lot of parking.

We sailed past the causeway entrance to Lindau island, and of course this time had no reason to go over. From this point on, it was new territory for us. Five years of "new territory" would then go by.  But just five years later we would find our way back to this little bit of paradise, and our good friends here.

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