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Dedicated to Bernhard (Bernie)  Grabher

This is a blog about the way our cycle travels, and those of our friends the Paxmans, encountered and then wove around one of those stellar people that we know are all over the world, and that we only occasionally have the privilege of meeting. The story begins in 2013, when all on bikes we shared a stop light in the Austrian town of Bregenz with Bernhard Grabher - Bernie. It carries on, with chapters in 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019 as we continued to come together with Bernie.  And it ended this October, 2019, with a message from Bernie's sister, Magdalen, reporting that Bernie had passed away from the cancer he had fought for many years.

Our last travel with Bernie was in March of this year, when barely able to walk, he dragged himself through the streets of Bregenz, still eager to show us all there was to see. His nobility in this time is something we will always remember and honour.

Bernie's death notice.
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The poem says loosely:

And the soul unguarded
will float in free flights,
in the magic circle of the night,
to live deep and thousand times.

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Marvin PaxmanThanks for posting this, Steve. It makes me want to cry a little. But at the same time I have such joy in knowing that Bernie was my friend too. I have completed my journal of our time with Bernie and Delia and it is ready to post. I'll come over tomorrow and we can go over it, then I will post it.
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1 year ago
Bruce LellmanThis is really nice, Steve, that you are honoring this individual. When someone special chances into our lives and is such a special person this is what we should all do - honor them for being who they are.

Thank you.
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1 year ago
Ron SuchanekVery nice. He passed away pretty young. I look forward to reading more.
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1 year ago