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June 1, 2021

Day 0

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The rust on our bodies from not touring was driving us crazy. Two retired guys who cannot sit still, and one mid fifties fella already counting down the days until retirement. In the midst of dreaming up a regional ride, without venturing far from the Texas Panhandle we call home, we came up with the idea of driving to Beaver, OK, and leaving our truck at the house of a former Road Angel. That way we had eyes on our vehicle while we were touring. In the process of conversation, another friend who has recently graduated, at the age of 70, to a battery assist bike, offered to drive us up in his motor home. He would host our overnight stops, be our camp cook, and get in a few miles each day by setting up camp and then riding out to escort us to his rig. It was kind of a guilt trip, since we like to think of ourselves as “older” bikepackers, but we quickly overcame that issue. 

So, the plans were finalized: Paul H would drive the boat, and Paul J, Joe G, and Marc B would ride to the comfort of an indoor bed and air conditioning. Kind of like a cruise ship in the middle of “No-Man’s Land”. 

Day zero was a Tuesday, and we loaded up for the drive to Beaver, OK. Instead of parking on the street of a previous tour’s Road Angel, we opted to stay at Beaver Dunes Park, just north of town. The Tuesday following Memorial Day found the park virtually empty, except for bored locals who got their kicks driving through the campgrounds, repeatedly, throughout the evening. 

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