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Marc Brooks


Title Ratings
Katy Trail Yo-Yo 158
Great Divide & Trans America Trails (Steamboat to Del Norte) 90
Tour of Beaver 35


A native Kansan, I was on a bicycle at an early age. By high school, I had developed a love of cycling, and as a teenager, was one of the original participants of the 1975 Biking Across Kansas. I continued riding BAK for eight years until “life happened”. Marriage, a college education, and children took the front seat, and my biking days dwindled. 

A graduate of Kansas State University, I found work moving my family to Oklahoma, then Texas. In Texas, I moved again, this time to the Texas Panhandle. I’ve called it home for over 35 years. 

Retiring in 2019 after my third ambulance ride for my heart, I now found myself with more saddle time. My love of repairing and refurbishing bikes, as well as wheel building, has kept me very busy. I also discovered a knack for stripping frames and repainting them. 

Out on the road, you’ll find me sitting upright, with flat bars, neon helmet, and baggy shorts and shirt, cruising down the road on my gold metal flake over orange, steel frame touring bike. I’m easy to spot. My bike is labeled “TeamV”, in honor of my amazing wife who has battled Multiple Sclerosis for nearly 30 years with the most positive attitude you could ever imagine.  If you think riding on a hot day with a monstrous headwind and giant hills is difficult, you have never experienced a disabling disease such as MS. My motto is “Just one more mile”, inspired by her enabling, contagious, personality of never giving up.