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May 26, 2023

The Calm Before the Storm

Arriving in München

Traveling is not without some degree of stress. It’s not knowing what lies ahead that makes it tough to pick up the bags and leave the house for a trip. I lingered longer than I probably should have at home. The excuse is that I needed to finish properly petting the cats and wishing them a proper Minnesota long goodbye. Reality is I was stressed about the trip and trying to put off the agony.

Counts Johann and Ludwig von Katzenelnbogen
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My flight left Minneapolis a bit late due to boarding late, probably because the airport was unusually busy. In the course of my time there I ran into a former long-time music student and his parents. I also heard the name called of the parent of another former student. It’s not every day you see people you actually know at an airport. 

I’m pleased to say that for once the seats on an airplane were pretty comfortable. Had my legs not been cramping badly I might have even slept on the plane. We landed on time in Frankfurt, but there was a lengthy delay bringing in the facilities to deplane. Frankfurt is an airport that long ago outgrew its capacity but still att Mets to barrel ahead in spite of it. Thanks to a 2 hour layover, I was able to make my next flight, but only with about 30 minute to spare. It wouldn’t surprise me if others from my flight missed connections.

Something clicked upon landing in München. Prior to that I was stressed about the trip, but the moment we touched down, all that stress melted away leaving a sense of happiness and contentment. I love the area out around München airport. It has a very relaxed vibe to it.

My hotel is about 9km from the airport. I chose it because of the appealing price, good ratings, and substantial breakfast. The hotel is run by a family. Their facilities are modern, clean, quiet, the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, and have been very accommodating about the Velomobiles. As an added bonus, they also have a restaurant where I ate a massive plate of creamed rissoto with asparagus, arugula, and Parmesan that was possibly the most delicious dish I’ve ever had in Germany.

My very nice room
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The most amazing dish ever
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If this was all that happened today, I could happily say this was an excellent start to the trip, but it’s not. There’s more, and it deserves its own post…

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