What's this all about? - Mini tour to Baca, Yucatan on our new folding bikes - CycleBlaze

What's this all about?

Does 3 days make a tour?  Well I'm not really sure but if passing through 6 small pueblos to get to the 7th pueblo on the 1st day, explore the 2nd day and then return through those same 6 pueblos in reverse on the 3rd day makes for a tour, well then, we will call it that.  

A little info about how we found ourselves cycling in Mexico.  In September my Mexican temporary visa was soon to expire and after all the hoop jumping, hard work and pesos in obtaining it, I was reluctant to let it lapse and start all over again. So a trip was in order to Merida to renew it into a permanent visa.  Yeah!

Bad news was we didn't bring our Bike Friday's and that meant no riding for 5 months.  I had always said I could never ride my bike in Merida but I had said that about driving here too so I should of known better.  Anything is possible - baby steps right?

Never Say Never
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