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Training (updated 11 June)

(It was all going so well!)

One of the most significant benefits for people with Parkinson's disease exercise, and cycling is number one in providing a prospect of delaying the worsening of this condition. Fortunately, I have been cycling for a long time and done lots of long-distance touring and triathlon events, so I was very confident that with a sensible amount of training being built up in a few months, prior to June, that I would have no problems whatsoever.

All year round, I typically cycle several times a week, a short ride before work, and every Sunday a couple of hours or so. My plan was that from January I would build up by a few kilometres per week, peaking in mid-May with a back to back 2×100 km ride. In theory, this trip was to be a much easier ride than my normal touring events with panniers and a heavy bike.  Light road, bike, luggage being carried in a van, and the luxury of a hotel and hot shower every night, what could possibly go wrong?

Having  got to a longest ride of 75 km, in mid April, whilst out cycling I had the sudden onset of major knee pain in my right knee.  A quick visit to my friendly physio, who recommended a trip to A&E. An x-ray confirmed something loose wobbling around inside (they did use more medical terms, but I forget them!). Over the next few weeks, I have had intermittent nasty pain, with many days of no problem at all, but taking it extremely easy on the bike, with a maximum ride of around 40 km. Very gentle. In the last couple of days (mid May) I have decided to "invest" in seeing a private knee specialist, and had an extremely expensive MRI scan, the results of which I get on Monday and I'm hoping the answer will be "you're good to go".

In years gone by, I would've been very happy to have jumped on a bike and done a two or three week trip of 100 km plus per day, but as I get older that is less guaranteed, so I just have to hope that I can cope with the daily distance, and that my knee holds up.

Update 29 May

The knee man said things will probably sort themselves out, but to try some longer rides.  Possibly I will then have a pricey jab of hyaluronic acid, but he somewhat put me off that by saying I won't be able to tell if it has worked, because any improvement might have happened anyway!

Went out Saturday and Sunday and did 74k and 80k with moderate hills.  Knee still intact and no muscle pain either.  Just got to hope it holds up.

Update 4 June

On Thursday I had to drop a bike in London (sold on Ebay), then using a Santander city bike rental head across town to meet two of my daughters for dinner.  Annoyingly, within about 4 secs of starting the ride, my right knee seized up.  By putting the saddle ultra high and favouring the left leg I coped ok (and back to Waterloo later, which was mainly downhill).  Now trying to get a massive injection of hyaluronic acid early next week which is alleged to help, at huge expense of course!  In the meantime I will do little to no cycling and just get the bikes ready as best I can.

Update 9 June

Three days ago I had the injection. Apparently takes 10 to 14 days to kick in. If it works. Thursday and Friday more nasty locking up pain but intermittently OK.

Based on previous history it may sort itself out in a day or two. Let's hope so!

Update 11 June

No serious locking up but some pain when being knee such as getting in the car.  Zero riding.  Aiming to do a test ride with Kathy and Dave mid-week.  Just have to hope for the best

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