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June 13, 2023

Day minus 3

Last minute checking

Kathy and Dave arrived early morning on Tuesday 13 June.  A gorgeous hot summer's morning and only issue was their plane had trouble connecting up to the gate at Heathrow for some time.  But passports and baggage all went smoothly.

Back to Winchester for breakfast in the garden then a chance to check the bikes I am lending them.  We fitted the pedals and saddles they had brought and they had a pedal round the block (on the left hand side of the road!) to check it all worked.  The bikes seem a good fit.

We then headed to our favourite cafe for a light lunch, and helped orient them for the sights of Winchester.  They are booked in for a tour of the rooftop and tower of the Cathedral in the morning and a tour of the college in the afternoon.

Kathy and Dave had  a couple of hours decent nap.  They travelled 8 hrs timezone east with a 9 hr flight so not surprisingly are a bit weary.

They were awake enough to come and join us at the pub quiz, and we managed fourth place out of about 12, which is pretty impressive, bearing in mind the lack of knowledge about UK sitcoms, pop music, football clubs etc.  We won a tenner!

Plan for Wednesday morning is an earlyish ride to test the bikes.  And my knee, which has constant niggles as if it is about to lock up again. Can only hope it works and that being super gentle does not make it worse.

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Breakfast in the garden
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Road testing the bikes
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American tourists baffled by the red box. To be fair, I have not been in one for 30 years
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