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What I take

I load my bike with two large rear panniers and two smaller front panniers – all Ortlieb. I also have an Ortlieb handlebar bag that desperately needs replacing but should finish “Unfinished Business”. More recently, I have used a seat-post bag. In the back of my diary, I write what’s in each pannier. This makes it very easy to pack for the next trip but also enables me to find that item that I rarely if ever use – spare glue, bike pump, spare tube, etc. A little bit of code helps me to find concealed items (passport, cash).

The back of my diary describing what's in each pannier. Also, a notebook listing things to do before departing
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Let me make that easier to decipher

Front Left (Cooking pannier)*

Billies, stove, stove repair, fuel bottle, plate, cup, blue bag (utensils, matches, billy tool, spices, tea, coffee, rubber bands, etc.); mini espresso, jaffle iron, cooling oil, head torch, cosmetics (Tootbrush, paste, floss, shampoo, nail clippers, toilet paper and matches); diary, novel, snacks

Front Right 

Food**, wet weather jacket, washing detergent, pump, spare glue, spare spices, etc.

Rear Left

Paperwork, wallet, maps, spare pens, clothes, food, tools and spares (allen keys, pliers, eccentric tool, cable ties, chain-breaker and chain joining pin, spoke key, torx for Rohloff, a few chain links, spare cables, seat bolt, spokes, tube, oil change for Rohloff if going >> 5000 km); sleeping mat (folded), airline pillow, chargers

Rear Right

First aid, wine cask (4L in protective satchel for water); sleeping bag and sheet, tent, chair (Helinox), food, track- pants (evening wear!), reading glasses and spares (magnifiers ie not prescription)

Handlebar Bag

Camera (full format SLR), camera gear (filters, cleaning kit); phone, sunscreen, sunglasses, small amounts of cash

Seatpost bag

Tyre repair kit, spare tube, chain lube

*Note that I can simply grab my cooking pannier and a bottle of water and have everything I need for a quality break. I don't need to get up because I have forgotten something! I want to sit on my rear and relax!

** I'm starting this ride with limited food due to riding the first 200 km with friends and thus eating out in towns. But I will take a couple of kg of muesli, milk powder, a sourdough loaf that I'll bake at 6 in the morning, cheese, scroggin, fruit.  

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