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Radweg Reviews - now with video!

I am now home and mostly unpacked.  I did have a moment of panic when I couldn't locate my GPS.  I forgot I had stuffed it in the small camera bag with the GoPro.  The bike looks like it came through just fine.  Now I'm trying to decide what one does with a box that cost 30 euros....

I will eventually compile video footage of the rides and add them to the blog.  It may be awhile before I get around to that though.

I’ve also been asked if I will actually go next year. My intention is yes, I will do another trip next year. I want to ride in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Beyond that, I don’t have any real bucket list Radwegs. 

Altmühl Radweg

I obviously did not ride the entire length of the Altmühl Radweg.  It starts north of Colmberg and I opted to take the shorter route across to Rothenburg, partly for time, and partly because I'm not that stuck on riding the entire length of a river.  The Radweg also continues maybe another day's ride beyond Kinding to Kehlheim where it empties into the Donau (Danube.)

The portion that I rode was reasonably nice.  Good path surface aside from maybe a short stretch here or there with looser rock than I'd prefer, mostly flat, and the few hills there were, were short and easy enough to ride.  I saw a decent number of families along the route and it is definitely a family friendly choice.  Traffic is minimal at most and campgrounds seem abundant.  

The scenery switches up enough to keep things interesting in comparison to, say, the Main Radweg which I found very boring and monotonous.  The area around Dollnstein is pretty scenic.  The area around Gunzenhausen is mostly farm fields and some bits of forest.  Not as interesting, but it did provide some variety to the scenery.

Not the most exciting place I've ridden, but also not the worst.  I found it peaceful, but not exciting enough that I would go to Germany specifically to ride it again.

Liebliches Taubertal Radweg

Definitely the most scenic of the two Radwegs and worthy of being a destination.  It is pretty short being approximately 60 miles.  The scenery between Rothenburg and Creglingen is quite nice.  There are some hills in that stretch as well, but though they are annoying, they are achievable.  Creglingen has some sites, but overall it's a bit of a dump by german standards.

The rest of the Radweg is nice too, at least for scenery.  The valley is more open in some areas, for instance around Weikersheim and Bad Mergentheim.  Then beyond Tauberbischofsheim the valley narrows again.  Along with the narrower valley are also some hideous hills.  You may want to take a few pastries to go before tackling the last 20 miles or so.  

Lovely though it was, I'm ok just riding it once in my lifetime.  The hills were a bit excessive, especially when you see the nice flat banks along the river.  

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Rachael AndersonYou have some great using on your videos! I’m looking for some music for my rides in Germany, do you have some recommendations?
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2 years ago
Ben ParkeThe website I use is epidemicsound.com. There was a deal with gopro users getting free access to the website. I don't recall now how I got to that access. Something I found looking through features after registering.
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2 years ago