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August 27, 2019

Morning update on Benny

Progress my be made

Since you are all likely curious about the latest news regarding Benny the bike and since I’m jet lagged and this whole sleeping thing isn’t going well, here’s the latest news. Benny is nearing Reykjavik Iceland on his way to Frankfurt on Iceland Air. I have also just had an extended conversation with lost luggage at Frankfort airport. Assuming we both understood each other correctly (speaking German while jet lagged is a special experience), once the bike arrives in Frankfurt it will be shipped via Lufthansa to the airport in Nürnberg where I would then need to retrieve it. This is, of course, assuming all goes as hoped. Lost luggage now has my phone number along with the details on the flight and the tracking number which alarmingly doesn’t come up in their system. Right hand does not know what left hand is doing and all that. I will be checking back with them later today once the flight arrives in Frankfurt to make sure the bike is properly processed from there. I have also enquired about whether or not the box could be sent back to Frankfurt airport for me to get next Sunday. The airport does sell bike boxes but I’m concerned they may not be big enough for my bike. Whether or not Lufthansa will consent to that, I don’t know until I ask. Condor continues to be of zero help.

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