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July 19, 2018

Day 4: Kvarnbo to Dano to HavsVidden - 35 miles

High end lodging in HavsVidden

Kvarnbo to Danos to HavsVidden resort
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We left the Kvarnbo Guesthouse after another great breakfast, where Martin told us stories of the Russians taking over local farms and not leaving, and cycled around the roundabout with the enigmatic sculpture and headed northwest towards Geta. After 23 miles of rolling hills on low traffic country roads through apple orchards, we had another delicious picnic lunch across from a scenic mini-fjord.

Geta Gamn - and some of that falu paint.
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Classy Picnic at Danos
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Back on the bikes for 10 miles of the same and 2 miles of climbing on a gravel road and we reached the HavsVidden Resort (lousy Scrabble hand, but an awesome place to stay) on the rocky coast of the Sea of Bothnia. 

Marine entrance to Havsvidden from the Sea of Bothnia
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We had an amazing room, with a huge patio overlooking the Sea of Bothnia to the west. A hot tub session, a dip in the chilly Sea and hiking on the rocks were the late afternoon activities.

I'll have Carole on the rocks, please.
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That was followed by a great dinner: Carole had more smoked salmon, I had an ox steak - on purpose. It was a late dinner and we almost stayed up late enough to see the sun set - almost.

Got a bit closer to sunset this time
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Today's ride: 35 miles (56 km)
Total: 140 miles (225 km)

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