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July 10, 2018

Day 2: Korpo to Svaltik - Long Ferry rides and 29 miles biking

Skerries everywhere

The ferry portion of Day 2 (green line)
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We started the day with a great breakfast at the Hotel Nestor and then the owner/chef drove us to the ferry in Galtby. 

Ferry from Galtby to Kokar to Langnas
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The total ferry time was five hours with one change of ferries, and several stops in scenic harbors. The first ferry had a snack bar but we had just eaten an enormous breakfast at the Hotel Nestor and most of us decided to wait until the second ferry to eat. Bad decision: the second ferry was smaller and only had a vending machine and it only took Euro coins that we didn't have. 

Skerries everywhere
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After passing literally hundreds of small islands (called "skerries") we arrived at the actual Aland (pronounced Oland) Islands at Langnas terminal near Lumparland. One of our guides had prepared a great picnic lunch in the shade at the ferry terminal. We stuffed our faces and then set off for Saltvik.

The Cycling Portion of Day 2
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We biked 29 miles on a mixture of bike paths and low traffic roads, past windmills and a church that dated back to the 1200s.  Many houses had tall decorated poles that looked like Maypoles but are called Midsummer poles here. There were a few hills and one gravelly stretch due to construction at a bridge northeast of Godby, but it was mostly highly pleasant cycling.  

Sund Church
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Windmills were everywhere but not functional
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Midsummer poles were frequent, too
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After one last climb, we finally reached the Kvarnbo area, where an interesting wood carving greeted us at the final roundabout.

One kilometer to the end of Day 2 ride
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We reached our inn for the next two nights, the Kvarnbo Guesthouse, which dates back to the late 1800s. The owners, Martin and Ella Cromwell-Morgan, have run the place since 2001 and were great to talk to about the history of the area and the local music scene.

After cleaning up, we took a walk to see the local church and had an absolutely phenomenal dinner at the Smakbyn restaurant and brewery  nearby. Having a van to shuttle us to dinner meant we did not have to get on the bikes again for the 5 km ride to Smakbyn. The owner and chef is Micke Bjorklund, who apparently is one of the best known chefs in Scandinavia - his books were highly prominent in every airport we traveled through in Helsinki, Stockholm and the Alands.

Nothing fancy but great hospitality and breakfasts
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Today's ride: 29 miles (47 km)
Total: 70 miles (113 km)

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