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The Nickle was still worth 25¢

In 1963 gallon of gasoline floated around 25¢ to 30¢ and during “gas wars”  could bottom out at 15¢ a gallon for regular gasoline.  “Penny post cards” were 4¢ or 5¢ each, airmail letters flew for 10¢, 7¢ for ground rate. At McDonald’s hamburgers were served up for 15¢.

The above numbers led us to decide $100.00 each would get us from Canada to Mexico.  No an easy sum to earn.  I was on a working scholarship at Chadwick School, which meant five days a week during most of the summer and every Saturday during the school year I worked my tuition off cleaning, painting and other manual jobs on campus. This left Sundays to earn a buck. (Actually 90¢ an hour was the minimum wage.) I worked at the Los Angeles Yacht Club piloting a 25ft.launch and ferrying the rich and sometimes famous out and back from their luxury yachts moored in San Pedro Harbor. It was a minimum wage job at the above 90¢ an hour before taxes.  Never a tip and seldom a thank you, but $100.00 was raised.

Ed had a similar effort earning his book of ten $10 traveler checks, which we both took for security.

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Scott AndersonI remember the ten cent gas, but ten dollar travelers checks?
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6 years ago
Marian RosenbergTo Scott AndersonI got $20 travelers' checks when I first went to China in 2002. There was one that I ended up countersigning wrong and spent a great deal of effort trying to get turned back into cash in the US before deciding that the person I'd failed to give the original check to had taken pity on my lack of funds and given me $20 worth of stuff without the check and eventually giving up...
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4 years ago