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May 12, 2021

Off Track - Visiting the Studio


Off Track - Adventurers often say it isn’t the destination it is the journey.  The Sound~Cloud Solo Tour was certainly different in that respect.  

Coffee salute - Sound-Cloud Solo Tour 2021 is reality!
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The most important part of this 522-mile bicycle tour was visiting my son Brandon and his friend Ellen.   Though “off track” from the pedaling adventure, it (the destination) was the inspiration that made the tour reality.

Having time to spend with Brandon and Ellen was so special.   In addition to great conversation, I actual learned about making music and how personal the art can be.   Creative people often conceal the feelings and purpose behind their works.   To understand creativeness is as simple as asking a question!

Thank you Brandon and Ellen for sharing with me!

Some images from the destination: 

Inside the Studio
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Creativity in the making.
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Putting he pieces together.
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Questions get answers!
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Tamora StumPretty Cool you two!! Glad you enjoying your time together. Love You!
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