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August 4, 2021

Operative words of the day: climbing and construction

Quite the day. Shortly after we headed south we encountered some pretty stiff climbs on which NY was doing summer road work. Long sections of single lane driving managed by flag people. They were very good! On an over two miles fairly steep hill they held us until all of about  50 cars and trucks went through, then sent out about fifteen riders from our group, held cars up until we finished the climb and got to the flag person at the other end. We were very appreciative as it meant we had the whole lane to ourselves with no cars or trucks coming up behind us.

Jim had a flat tire on his back tire. Margaret, who works in a bike shop was able to help him change it. They didn't get the wire out of his tire so he wound up with another flat which was discouraging.

Changing the tire. Once again, thank goodness for Margaret!
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Bill ShaneyfeltSomething I learned on an old defunct cycle touring website (Phred) years ago. Carry a wad of cotton in your repair kit and wipe the inside of the tire with it when the offending problem is not obvious. Tire wires will snag fibers and be easy to spot without bleeding.
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We then ran into a detour of a road which would have been7 miles. The detour added another 7 of fairly significant climbs. One was 17% grade. Throughout the day we gained about 3300 feet. 
Near the t end of the ride I had a milestone with my bike. 6000 miles!

I've spent many happy hours on my ebike!
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Today's ride: 56 miles (90 km)
Total: 132 miles (212 km)

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