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May 22, 2024

Feel the Serenity

Tatong to Bonnie Doon

Day 3: 

We’ve pedalled  into Bonnie Doon well prepared to feel the serenity made famous by the classic Australian movie “The Castle”.

As they say in the classics, it was an undulating ride. About 70km and 800 metres of climbing. The roads ranged from remote bush tracks to the busy Midland Highway. The best section was the Great Victorian Rail Trail.

Hume & Hovell were making their way through the same hills and valleys in late November 1824. This must have been quite a challenge.

Along the way, we found several H&H monuments installed in 1924.

Not so good news is that I’ve succumbed to a gastrointestinal infection with the classic symptoms of food poisoning. All today I was unwell, and by the afternoon I was struggling to ride. Energy level was close to zero with no nutrition going in, and most of it being ejected.

Fortunately we found motel accommodation in Bonnie Doon so I’ll stay here two nights to recuperate. 

Martin will push on. I should be able to catch up with him tomorrow by using the rail trail and a train service from Tallarook or Seymour.

The first Hume & Hovell monument of the day
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About 50% of today’s roads were unsealed.
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Another Hume & Hovell monument. Installed 100 years ago.
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View from the Midland Highway
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We rode the Midland Highway for a few kilometres
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I was pleased to reach the Great Victorian Rail Trail. Traffic free with a mostly flat grade
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Another Bonnie Doon scene from “The Castle” movie inspired the quote that “powerlines are a reminder of man's ability to generate electricity.”
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The Great Victorian Rail is a wonderful asset.
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Today's ride: 70 km (43 miles)
Total: 277 km (172 miles)

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Joel KrewazSorry to hear of your enforced rest Graham. 🤞 it is brief. May you gain strength quickly.
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